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Your Voice
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K12 Insight - YourVoice
Superintendent's Message
Superintendent's Message
Your Voice Counts

Hello Friends,

Our goals for the 2013-14 School Year reflect our continued commitment to implement high quality educational opportunities and improve our strategies to significantly engage our families and community. To succeed, we must all work to be reflective and responsive in promoting meaningful discussions about effective teaching and learning.

To facilitate these important conversations, we are working with independent technology and communication firm K12 Insight, which helps districts nationwide better engage with their stakeholders to promote greater transparency and shared decision-making. K12 Insight‚Äôs solution allows us to have systematic, sustained, productive, and confidential dialogues that inform our goals and initiatives. 

With that in mind, I am happy to announce the launch of one our most robust outreach efforts. It‚Äôs called YourVoice.  As a tool designed to promote honesty and candor, YourVoice will become a safe, essential, and on-going space for us to converse. 

By clicking on the link below you can make a thoughtful suggestion or compliment, ask a question, or make us aware of a concern. Though we may not be able to personally respond to all we are listening and your feedback will be read and considered in the spirit of shared decision-making.

Simultaneous with launch of our YourVoice feature, we are asking you to engage in a discussion about the degree to which you are aware and taking advantage of the opportunities for participation in your child‚Äôs education and support services available at the school he/she attends.  This type of two-way conversation provides us with important baseline data that we can use to improve our schools and services. Please watch for our Parent Involvement survey in early October.  It will be open for two weeks and when the results are tabulated, we will post findings and next steps for you to review on our YourVoice feature.

While we accomplished much last year, there is still work to do. However, I am confident that if we exhibit thoughtfulness and courage, we can create new opportunities together and ensure that all our students achieve their full potential.


Constance D. Evelyn
Superintendent of Schools
Live Conversations
LISTENING FORUM - Your ongoing forum for presenting thoughtful suggestions, questions and making us aware of concerns.
Survey Opens:10/4/2013
Survey Closes:12/31/2015
Purpose:This is an ongoing forum for you to share thoughtful suggestions for improvement of the teaching and learning in Auburn ECSD.
Who:All stakeholders: students, staff, parents and residents of the Auburn ECSD community are invited to participate.
How to Participate:Click here to share your thoughts, suggestions and concerns.
What happens next:Feedback will be reviewed and shared with the district team member who is best equipped to respond. I will also regularly respond to the feedback received on the district website.
Recent Conversations
2013 Listening Sessions
Parent and Family Involvement - Main Survey

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