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Cayuga Centers
On-Grounds Campus School
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Cayuga Centers
On-Grounds Campus
101 Hamilton Avenue
Auburn, NY 13021
(315) 253-5383

Principal: Ronald Gorney

School Secretary:  Kylee Teasley
School Psychologist:  Christine Vuono

The Cayuga Center On-Grounds School is a partnership between the Auburn Enlarged City School District and the Cayuga Home for Children (CHC), a residential treatment center in Auburn.  Our school is located on the campus of the Cayuga Home for Children (CHC).  Our program serves students in grades 8-11 offering regents classes in Earth Science, Biology, Global Studies, US History, English 9-11, Math 9, Geometry, Math-Financial Literacy, and Spanish I.  We also have a special education teacher to serve students with disabilities.  Most of our special education students are instructed within the general education classrooms.  Each classroom has a teacher and a teacher aide, and Cayuga Home provides 4 Group Care Workers for additional behavioral support in the classrooms.  

Students receive more academic and behavioral support in our program than in a public school setting.  This gives them the opportunity to earn credits towards graduation that they may have missed out on due to their poor choices in the past.  It also provides them with the opportunity to meet with success in an academic setting.  Most of our students have experienced mostly failure in the school setting.  The goal is for all students to obtain high school credit so they will be able to receive high school diploma.

About Cayuga Centers:
If someone stumbles in the forest, who hears?
Everyone stumbles. Since 1852 we have heard and supported children, families, and individuals who have stumbled and need help taking the next step. We began as an orphanage, providing a home for children when their family members could not. We have evolved. We are a nationally recognized leader in research-informed treatment programs for troubled youth and their families.  We have developed family therapy and resiliency programs. We work with children and adults who have developmental disabilities. We support families and individuals experiencing mental health issues. We help infants who need early intervention in order to thrive.
We are Cayuga Centers.

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