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CHC Mission Statement / Staff
On-Grounds Campus School
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Mission Statement

It is our belief at Cayuga Center that all children can learn. We believe that giving our students a school where they can feel safe, express their ideas, and gain confidence in themselves will allow them to increase their academic progress.
We will lead by example, teaching our students to be good role models and be respected within school and the community.  The school staff will work together with the Cayuga Home staff to prepare our students for life.  

We believe that all students have the ability to be successful.
Therefore, it is our mission to prepare our students for success both in school and in life.
We believe that teamwork is the key to success.
We are a partnership of the Auburn Enlarged City School District, the Cayuga Home for Children, each student, and the student’s family.
We value and promote emotional growth as well as educational growth.
We strive to create a safe learning environment where our students meet or exceed the New York State Learning Standards.  

David Eaton
Dave Engle
Krista Becker
Sarah Green
Joseph Gromny
Justin Higgins
Michelle Humberstone
Kacey Marsh
Lisa Petrosino
Matthew Stuart