Early Childhood Education

The mission of the Preschool Provider Group is to create regular opportunities for early childhood programs and community partners to collaborate with the public schools in order to:

        •  Enhance the effectiveness of each program for the collective benefit of all early learners in our community.
        •  Create opportunities for preschool providers to share, as well as acquire educational resources.
        •  Maintain an ongoing dialogue to share concerns and solutions.
        •  Provide knowledge of early intervention resources within our community to meet special needs of preschool students.

        Vision Statement

Through the work of the Preschool Providers Group, community educational programs and services will provide developmentally appropriate, material rich, culturally diverse, experiential and hands-on curricula to meet the affective and cognitive needs of all preschool children in a safe and hazard-free environment.

        Belief Statement

The Preschool Provider Group believes in

        • Endorsing the value and importance of early childhood education. 
        • Promoting an understanding of how young children learn and develop.
        • Assisting in the development and implementation of appropriate environment and curricula to meet the diverse needs of young children in our pluralistic society.
        • Reviewing trends and issues and disseminating research in early childhood education.
        • Supporting the seamless transition from preschool to kindergarten and beyond.

For further information please call:

Mary Cregg
Harriet Tubman Administration Building