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Welcome to Kindergarten! Now accepting Kindergarten Enrollment Forms for the 2018-2019 School Year!
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Open Enrollment for Kindergarten 2018-19 begins February 1, 2018!

Your child must be five years old on or before December 1st of the school year you are registering for AND your child must be a resident in the Auburn School District.

Items 1 – 5 below MUST be submitted with your completed Enrollment and Registration Forms
We CANNOT ACCEPT your application without this supporting documentation. NO EXCEPTIONS!

1. ___ Proof of Residence in the Auburn City School District (Must submit one of the following).
* Notarized Affidavit of Residency
* Mortgage statement
* Lease agreement showing address and parent/guardian name(s) and signatures
* Notarized letter from landlord
* Utility bill; tax bill for residence in parent/guardian name; landline phone bill
(Cell phone bill is not acceptable); TV/cable receipt; or furniture rental receipt
* Paycheck dated within the last two weeks showing address
* Auto insurance ID with address
* Social Security statements or DSS documentation
2. ___ Copy of child’s Birth Certificate
3. ___ Immunization Record (signed by a physician or clinical staff / baby books not acceptable proof)
4. ___ Custody papers, if applicable
5. ___ Special Education records, if applicable

*Upon receipt of your completed Enrollment and Registration Forms, you will be supplied with information regarding the next step of the registration process, which involves a visit to your child’s new school.

Complete the Medical Packet. Submit this packet with the required supporting documentation (see
items 6 – 8 below), to Health Services staff for review at that visit. If you are unable to attend this visit to your child's new school, please contact your elementary school secretary to discuss your options.

6. ___ Physical Exam+ (dated within one year of scheduled school start date)
7. ___ Proof of Lead Screening
8. ___ Proof of Dental Screening

*Upon receipt of your completed Enrollment and Registration Forms, you will be supplied with information regarding the next step of the registration process, which involves a visit to your child’s new school. You must present your completed Medical Packet to Health Services staff for review at that visit.

Any questions regarding the Kindergarten registration process, please contact:
Mary Cregg, Central Registration K-8

More Kindergarten Information:

As parents of a youngster who will be enrolled in school for the first time in September, you may have questions concerning the kindergarten program. Check out our Kindergarten Booklet 2017-18. This booklet has been prepared by a committee of teachers to answer some of these questions and to provide background information that they believe may be of interest to you.

We hope that you will find this material helpful in developing your understanding of the kindergarten program. It is very important that you help prepare your youngster for the big step he or she is about to take. You can be most effective in shaping realistic expectations by becoming as familiar as possible with the objectives and the activities of the program.

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If you have any questions, contact your home school office.  Both your child’s teacher and principal encourage you to ask for help at any time.



All elementary children living more than one mile from the school are eligible for bus service. Specifics regarding bus routes, pick up and drop off times will be available at the end of August. Any parent(s) / guardian(s) whose child must be transported to/from a certified day care provider must obtain a request form from their school and submit it as soon as possible to the transportation office at 78 Thornton Ave, Auburn, New York.


If your child is absent from school, upon return:

        • Send a written, signed and dated excuse stating the reason for being tardy or absent. This is required by State Law.

        • Call the school health office if your child has a contagious disease or is absent for more than one day.


All school districts are required by State Law to provide a screening program for all new students to identify those who may possibly be gifted or those who may possibly have a disabling condition. The information collected through the district's screening program will be used to determine which students are in need of further evaluation. Kindergarten students are screened by appropriate staff members (speech therapists, reading teachers, and kindergarten teachers).


Examinations will include screening tests of vision and hearing, review of the immunization records, recording of height and weight, and physical examination.


The district uses the Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning Fourth Edition (DIAL-4) as a screening tool. Students will be assessed using this tool at the Universal Pre-Kindergarten site.  Students who are not enrolled in Universal Pre-Kindergarten will be assessed at their home school in September.

This is an individually administered developmental screening test designed to identify young children in need of further diagnostic assessment. The DIAL-4 is a 30 minute assessment of motor, conceptual and language behaviors demonstrated by children from the ages of 3 years and 0 months through 6 years and 11 months. The DIAL-4 Parent Questionnaire, may be completed during the screening by a parent or caregiver and provides normed scores for the child’s self-help and social skills. The child’s psychosocial behaviors also are assessed by means of a rating scale completed by the testers during the screening in the three areas: developmental, motor, and concepts.


Motor Skills: (How your child uses his/her body)
•name writing

Concept Skills: (Learning mathematics)
•identifying body parts
•naming colors

Language Skills: (Learning to read)
•objects and actions
•letters and sounds
•problem solving

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